New Commission To Be Revealed Soon…

Sometimes I get journal cover commissions that I’m super excited about but, because we lose out to the competition, I don’t post the image up in case the commissioner wants to resubmit it with another paper. It’s completely understandable that commissioners want to do that and I encourage it, but frustrating when you want to show everyone the pretty picture you’ve made.

I’ve held off talking about my most recent cover design until now just in case I’d have to keep it under wraps. I needn’t have worried however as we’ve made the cover! Wahoo! I love when this happens as everyone benefits – I get exposure and the commissioners get the prestige of their paper getting the cover, and everyone’s in a great mood.

Still, as I’m not sure when the journal will be published, I cannot help myself and I have to pass on the good news early. So watch this space :)!