Wedding Stationery Success!

I got married this year! And like a sucker, decided I would take the reigns on the planning, including the wedding stationery.

How hard can it be, I thought, it’s just some doodles.

Of course, I was forgetting these would be the the more important doodles in my life. Until I starting drawing, and then I was keenly aware.


We were getting married at Michelham Priory in East Sussex, and so I decided to draw the path to the wedding. From the gatehouse and bridge, to the main area where the house sits, to the barn where the ceremony would be taking place. It covered all four sides of the invite.

And thankfully, everyone loved the images :). Clip Studio Paint had these beautiful watercolour two-tone brushes that allowed these triangular “stamps”. Sadly I can’t grab the name as they’re in Japanese but they’re free for download. Everyone thought I did these with analogue media which is quite the compliment! I couldn’t live without my undo button!

Save the date, placecards and front page of invite, Michelham Priory Gatehouse
Gift shop and Michelham Priory’s main house for centre pages of invite
Elizabethan Barn – back page of invite and order of service

And in case you’re wondering, the wedding went off without a hitch – well, except for us of course!


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